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There may be other X-Men podcasts out there, but I don't need to listen to them. This is the only one I need to listen to.

- Peter Rios, Comic Geek Speak

 The X-Cast is like The Truman Show. Like the viewers of the show within the movie world, I sleep better at night knowing that Rob and Brian are out there, fighting the good fight, living the American dream promised them by the 1990s. 

- Daniel Mark, Listener

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    Episode 11: Happy Holidays

    In the final X-Cast of 2006, Brian and Rob review 4 current books in On Shelves Now: The penultimate issue of Mike Carey's initial X-Men run, #192, Wolverine #47, Greg Pak's Phoenix: Warsong #3, and Astonishing X-Men #18.

    For our Top 5, we take on the Lamest X-villains (since the Giant Sized Revamp), and of course our Retro Review flashes back to the FIRST Death of Professor X with X-Men #42-45 and Avengers #53.

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    Episode 10: Double Digit Existance

    That's right, The X-Cast has reached double digits! You can find Episode 10 here!

    This week we review 3 current issues: Uncanny X-Men 480, New X-Men 31 and X-Factor 12

    We also make some headway in the Retro Reviews, and kiss those flashy Yellow and Blue costumes goodbye in Issues 37-41.

    We go Inside the Mansion for a short spotlight on M.

    And Finally, Rob and Brian unveil their picks for 13 Year End Awards!

    Please let us know what you think via email, or on our forum.

    Episode 9: The Minis

    At long last... Episode 9! Which you can find right here!

    This week we review a whopping 6 current issues: Wolverine 46, X-Men: Civil War 4, Uncanny X-Men 479, Astonishing X-Men 17, Phoenix Warsong 2, and X-Men 191.

    We also dive back into the retro reviews this week hitting X-Men 32 - 36. And this week in the Top 5 we rank our five favorite X-Men Mini-series!

    Please let us know what you think via email, or on our forum.