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There may be other X-Men podcasts out there, but I don't need to listen to them. This is the only one I need to listen to.

- Peter Rios, Comic Geek Speak

 The X-Cast is like The Truman Show. Like the viewers of the show within the movie world, I sleep better at night knowing that Rob and Brian are out there, fighting the good fight, living the American dream promised them by the 1990s. 

- Daniel Mark, Listener

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    Episode 5: Colossus' Clothing

    You can get it Right Here.

    In this episode, we hit both the core titles, Uncanny 476 and X-Men 189 and give you our opinions on the second issues of both Ed Brubaker's and Mike Carey's runs.

    We visit Warpath Inside The Mansion to figure out why he's acting the way he is in the pages of Uncanny. And, as always, our Retro Review takes a closer look the early days of the X-Men, specifically, X-Men #17-21.

    Finally, we name our Top 5 WORST costumes in X-history.

    Enjoy the ep, and don't forget to visit us on our forum.

    Episode 4: The Dark Side

    You can get it Right Here.

    In this episode, we delve into Wolverine 44 and Issue 15 of Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men.

    We also focus the spotlight on the mighty Juggernaut, continue our Retro Review of Stan Lee's original X-Men issues and list our Top 5 X-Men who we think should turn to the Dark Side!

    Don't forget to visit us on our forum.

    Episode 3: Nuclear Explosion

    Episode #3 is now up and available for download at The Uncanny X-Cast: Episode 3.

    In our third episode, we review X-Men 188, the first issue from the new creative team of Mike Carey and Chris Bachalo, and X-Factor #9.

    Appropriately, we focus on Jaime Madrox in our Inside The Mansion Segment.

    Then we head back in time to review X-Men 7 - 11.

    This week's Top 5 is our favorite Uncanny X-Men Covers. Links to our choices can be found here - (And yes, Rob, that's a sunset!)

    Brian -

    1. Uncanny # 137
    2. Uncanny # 168
    3. Uncanny # 218
    4. Uncanny # 130
    5. Uncanny # 174

    Honorable Mentions -
    Uncanny # 141 and Uncanny # 142
    Uncanny # 468

    Rob -

    1. Uncanny # 101
    2. Uncanny # 169
    3. Uncanny # 413
    4. Uncanny # 468
    5. Uncanny # 145

    Next episode we will review Wolverine 44 and Astonishing X-Men 15, as well as Issues 12-16 of the original X-Men run. Don't forget to visit Our Forum!