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There may be other X-Men podcasts out there, but I don't need to listen to them. This is the only one I need to listen to.

- Peter Rios, Comic Geek Speak

 The X-Cast is like The Truman Show. Like the viewers of the show within the movie world, I sleep better at night knowing that Rob and Brian are out there, fighting the good fight, living the American dream promised them by the 1990s. 

- Daniel Mark, Listener

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    Episode 105: The Hamster Weekly

    Ladies and gentleman... the Uncanny X-Cast has gone weekly!!! That's right.  More shows! Shorter shows! Faster turnaround!  That's the plan at least.

    In this first shorter episode we review Age of X 3 and 4 (Legacy 246 and NM 23), X23 6, and X-Factor 215 and 216.

    We then go Inside the Mansion with Grant Morrison's favorite frenchman, Fantomex!

    And in Retro Reviews we look at Uncanny 238 and the beginning of INFERNO in Uncanny 239.

    Hope you enjoy the change to weekly! Don't forget send us voicemails at 765-NEFARIA, or questions to Count Nefaria on Twitter or  Also visit us on our forum!  And most importantly, tell us what you think of the new format on iTunes reviews.

    You can download the episode right here, or get it on iTunes!

    Episode 101: Days of Future Passed

    This week in On Shelves Now we review New Mutants 20, X-Men 6, Uncanny 531, Legacy 243, Uncanny X-Force 3, X-Factor 212, and X-Men Chaos War 1.


    We then dust off Inside the Mansion and tell you everything you need to know about everyone's favorite yellow trenchcoat wearing mutant, Jubilee!


    In Retro Reviews we look at New Mutants 69 and Excalibur 2 and 3.   


    We then finish things up with a Fastball Special.


    You can download the episode right here or get it on iTunes.  Don't forget to leave us glowing reviews on iTunes, Nefaria commands you to!  And please visit us at our forums.

    Episode 79: The Uncanny X-Cast Jug Band Christmas

    This week the X-Cast brings forth a very special holiday themed episode!

    In On Shelves Now:  Sword 1, Astonishing 31 and 32, Dark X-Men 1, Legacy 229, Uncanny 516 and 517, and New Mutants 7.

    Then we go Inside the Mansion with the Marvel version of Santa Claus!!

    In Retro Reviews, we look at X-Factor 17, New Mutants 51, NM Annual 3, and Uncanny 217.

    And we finish up with Retro Reviews.

    And we manage to sneak in 3 songs, a quiz, an argument about strippers, and one more surprise bombshell.

    Plus cameos by EVERY SINGLE X-CAST CHARACTER EVER.  (We think)

    Download it on iTunes or right here.  And don't forget to visit us at our forum.