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There may be other X-Men podcasts out there, but I don't need to listen to them. This is the only one I need to listen to.

- Peter Rios, Comic Geek Speak

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    Episode 46: All Counts are Vampires

    This week we review Uncanny 500, Cable 5, X-Force 5, Young X-Men 4, and GeNext 3.

    We have the pleasure of chatting with Chris Yost, co-writer of X-Force and New X-Men on the X-Phone.

    And in Retro Reviews we go through the Demon Bear Saga in New Mutants 18 - 20, and inch closer to 200 in Uncanny X-Men 183 - 184.

    Then we finish with a Fastball Special.

    We also argue more than usual, find that Rob is too lazy to watch the clock during Fastball Special, and learn what lengths Brian will go to for a Fantastic Four Secret Invasion comic book. All this and slightly more in under 3 hours!

    You can download it on iTunes or right here.

    Episode 45: MassMaster and Wife

    Big episode! In OSN we look at Secret Invasion 4, X-Factor 32, Old Man Logan, Uncanny 499, X-Men Legacy 213 and Astonishing 25.

    We rate the Top 5 Mutants we would like to see get a chance on the main X-team.

    In Retros we're moving right along through New Mutants 15 - 17 and Uncanny 181 and 182.

    Next, a look at Marvel's October solicitations, and as always we end things with a Fastball Special.

    And last but not least, we hit the X-Phone not once, but TWICE to talk with Comic Convention Correspondent Tony G and we also get a look behind the scenes that are Brian Perillo's life, when we talk live with Laura Perillo!!!

    All this packed into 2 hours and forty minutes!!!

    Download it on iTunes or right here!

    Episode 44: Battleworld Philly

    This week we run through a TON of books, and as always run very long. In "On Shelves Now" we look at X-Men Legacy 212, Cable 4, XFactor 31, Gen NeXt 2, Young X-Men 3, and X-Force: Ain't No Dog.

    In an un-traditional "Top 5", we list the top 5 things you never want to hear in the X-Mansion.

    We present a very special "Retro Review", where we discuss Secret Wars!

    As always we end things with a Fastball Special.

    And in the process of all this we: rant about voicemails. offend Peter Rios, avoid stalkers on Facebook, and utilize a laughtrack.

    Lastly, we apologize for the slightly off audio, we're trying to figure out the new version of Skype.

    You can download it on iTunes or here.