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    Episode 36: Brian + Gambit, Rob + Colossus

    This week Rob and Brian review Emperor Vulcan 3 - 5, New Exiles 1, Wolverine Origins 20, and Astonishing 24.

    We place X-Men in the roles of Scooby Doo in casting call, and get a visit on the X-Phone from our colorist of the year Brian Reber! To see some of Brian's work look here.

    We also review the last pre-New Mutants comics of our retro review: X-Men Annual 6 and Uncanny X-Men 161 - 166.

    Also just to warn everyone, because we were slow getting out an episode, this one is... EXTRA LONG! As if we aren't long winded enough, we somehow broke the
    three hour barrier. We're not proud, and this won't happen again, but for now enjoy.

    And one last thing... Lola... never send us an email question again. Please! smile.gif

    00:00 - Open
    51:38 - On Shelves Now
    1:18:15 - The X-Phone
    1:59:04 - Casting Call
    2:11:05 - Retro Review

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    You can download the episode on iTunes, or right here!

    Episode 35: Start spreading the news...

    This week we finish up the Messiah Complex event reviewing issues 10 through 13.

    We also take an in depth look at April's soliciations and all the new X-titles.

    And we finish up with a Retro Review that is right in Brian's wheelhouse with Uncanny X-Men 160, the Magik mini-series, and the Marvel/DC crossover event X-Men/Teen Titans.

    And in a review you will try to but never be able to forget, Rob gives his impressions of X-Men: First Class.

    Download it on iTunes or right here!

    And don't forget to visit us at our forum.

    Episode 34: The Christmas Spooktacular

    In our Christmas Spooktacular, we review Wolverine Origins 19, Uncanny 493, X-Factor 26, New X-Men 45 and X-Men 206.

    We hand out our year end awards, and we inch closer to New Mutants #1 in retros with X-Men Annual 5 and X-Men 156 - 159.

    We also take a look at the newest solicitations, hear from our old friend Count Nefaria, and utter the words "Giant Sized Man Thing" for a second straight episode.

    You can download it right here or on iTunes.

    Don't forget to visit our forum where you to can vote for your favorites in the forum's year end awards run by Puffin!