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There may be other X-Men podcasts out there, but I don't need to listen to them. This is the only one I need to listen to.

- Peter Rios, Comic Geek Speak

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    Episode 39: Attack of the Pantless Skrulls

    In this week's episode we review Secret Invasion 1, Teen Titans 1 (whah??), X-Men Legacy 209, Young X-Men 1, Logan 1, X-Force 2, and Divided We Stand 1.

    We kick off baseball season with a Top... 9 players in our lineups for the heroes vs. villains X-Cast softball game.

    Retro Reviews cover the first Wolverine four issue mini, and New Mutants 5.

    We take a quick look at July's solicitations, and end things with a Fastball Special.

    You can download the episode on iTunes or right here.

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    Episode 38: One Shining Moment

    This week we take a look at X-Men Legacy 208, X-Factor 29, Uncanny X-Men 496 and Cable 1.

    We somehow turn a question into our podcast related death aftermath into our first March Madness tourney.

    In retro reviews we look at Uncanny X-Men 168 - 171 and God Loves, Man Kills.

    We also comment on the Marvel June solicitations, and finish up with a Fastball Special.

    Don't forget to visit us at our forums!

    You can download it on iTunes or right here!

    Episode 37: And finally... the New Mutants!

    Some say this is the beginning of the end of the X-Cast. Other say if the episodes continue at three hours it IS the end of the X-Cast. But this is a very special week, so once again three hours of stuff.

    We enter a Post-Messiah Complex world this week in On Shelves Now and review Uncanny X-Men 495, X-Factor 28, X-Force 1, and Wolverine 62.

    And speaking of Wolverine, we get Jason Aaron on the X-Phone to talk about his arc on the book and his other work.

    In a VERY special Retro Review to the X-Cast, Brian finally gets to his beloved New Mutants with the New Mutants graphic novel, and issues 1 - 4, along with Uncanny X-Men 167.

    We take a look at a very full May solicitations for X-books, and introduce a new segment to the show - the Fastball Special!

    You can download it on iTunes or here.

    Don't forget to visit us at the forums!